I do not have an AS number, what next?

SailSys Support

Last Update 3 years ago

The only data that is required to ‘complete' your profile is:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Emergency contact

Everything else is optional.

Regarding the AS number, and how this is enforced, is very much a Club decision.

Some Clubs are planning to ask that everyone on the boat has an active AS number, and others are not.

An active AS number is achieved in one of two ways; 

  1. being a financial member of a club, or 
  2. acquiring a SailPass.

Some Clubs have made it possible to ‘acquire’ a SailPass for an extended period of time...for free! 

This means that you can enter that number against your profile if your Club is one that would like to see you have an active AS number when crewing.

So in short it is really a club by club situation where you need to add an AS number to your SailSys profile.

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