As a Skipper, why can't I edit crew details?

SailSys Support

Last Update 3 years ago

We changed how crew lists work to ensure we have the best privacy standards in the sport. 

It ensures the ownership of crew data, in in the hands of the crew. It ensures that;

  • we have their explicit consent to host their data,
  • that they knew exactly what data was on the system,
  • they could maintain/curate that data, and
  • they could request their data be deleted/purged at any time.

Furthermore, the reason we have to make it so only crew can see and amend their details goes a little deeper in that:

  • Some clubs use boats as “club” boats, each week it is a different skipper/admin responsible for the race. It might be the same crew or different crew, either way we could not let the "weekly" skipper see all the personal details of the others on the boat, equally,
  • If you (the skipper) sold your boat tomorrow and the new owner wanted to race it and “took over” the SailSys boat profile (which is very common practice). They could see all your crew's details unless you had deleted it. We (SailSys) would have to rely on the past owner deleting the personal data and we just couldn’t assume or rely on this, finally
  • If you take a random sailing from the dockside, for just one race, it means you no longer have to gather their data, enter it and then delete at the end of the day. But in the case of an incident the club assist as they can see the individuals data and above all it remains secure thru all of this process. 

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