Maintaining Crew Lists

If your club has asked you to maintain crew lists for each race, this is done easily from your dashboard on the SailSys portal

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Last Update 10 months ago

Open your dashboard by logging in at - https://www.sailsys.com.au/

Then click on the Crew (P.O.B) menu item.

First, you'll need to add crew to your boat's 'crew register' so that you can later allocate them to races. Click Manage Crew Roster if you haven't already done this.

Next click Add Crew to populate your boat's crew register. You can also edit crew details or remove them from your crew register at anytime.

Once done you are ready to populate your crew lists for upcoming races, Click back to the POB section

The POB selection screen will display the upcoming races for the boats that you have administrative privileges for.

Click on the dropdown box for the relevant race and select all the persons that will be onboard.

Keep selecting until you have all the relevant persons displayed.

Top Tips:

  • There is no save button as the system autosaves after every amendment.
  • You can copy last weeks crew by selecting the "Last Race Crew" option in the dropdown
  • You can populate races well in advance, but be sure to maintain their accuracy!

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